*The Heckendorn Family......the story continues...............
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*THE HECKENDORN FAMILY!.......We left the 'old life' with our family move from Kitchener, [where I had a "touch of the wanderlust" trying various occupations before settling down] to begin our 'new life' in the "Forest City" of London and our newly built home.
We didn't encounter any of the hardships our early ancestors faced in their journey from Pennsylvania to the wilds of early 1800 Waterloo County, but it did seem almost as difficult for us to leave family and friends in Kitchener as it must have been for our ancestoral pioneers to leave their family and friends in Pennsylvania.

*"THE HECKENDORN FAMILY CREST" was located in Europe in the mid-1960's by the late Mr. Frank Heckendorn Sr.
His son, Frank Jr., of Aiken, South Carolina, U.S.A., related to me that he was quite young at the time, but he was with his father when the "FAMILY CREST" was located at a 'HECKENDORN FURNITURE CO.' which he believes to have been in a city in Austria but, because of the time span and the amount of travelling they did, he is not completely positive, it may have even been in Switzerland.
A plaster cast was made of the original crest which was imprinted on a pewter plate and mounted on a wall in the entrance of the 'HECKENDORN FURNITURE CO.'
It eventually was brought to the United States when Mr. Heckendorn and family returned from his tour of duty with the U.S. Armed Forces.
This crest is also featured in the genealogy work, "THE HECKENDORN-HECKATHORN FAMILY HISTORY IN AMERICA 1736-1982" By Theodore A. Heckathorne of Washington State, USA.

Frank Heckendorn Jr., tells me......................................
"that Heckendorn being a German word, translates to..... a thorn on a Hecken Rose."

*WELCOME TO OUR NEW LIFE! .............
After settling into our new life and home in London, I was kept quite busy with my employer as their Commercial Landscape Designer and Technical Supervisor. This entailed instructing in landscape design and characteristics of plant material at seminars throughout Ontario, to a seasonal sales staff of about 100 University students, along with my daily duties at the nursery.
In 1969, I decided to venture into my own Design and Installation business in London and surrounding areas. We eventually opened a garden centre in London and were fortunate in purchasing the 97 acre main nursery farm of my former employer. This provided us with a substantial source of material and the company expanded quite rapidly, both in retail and wholesale sales, plus landscaping and maintenance services. Unfortunately, quality seasonal staff, which was always a problem, was becoming more difficult to hire with each year. This gave us sufficient reason in 1977, to accept an "offer to purchase" on our farm property. We decided to close out the company operation completely at that time, selling most assets to other nurseries.
It was time for me to make another career change!
I had been approached to join a new, local mobile catering company and I accepted a franchise for north-east London. For the next 11 years I was known as "the jolly caterer" to all my customers.
Colleen always enjoyed working with children and having raised our "5 H's", she felt she would like to offer daycare service at our home for preschool children. She continues to still do this today, on a much reduced scale.
In 1981, we made a move into the mobile disc jockey profession on a part-time basis, working mainly Saturday evenings playing venues with a more 'mature clientele' that enjoyed dancing and listening to "Music Of The Big Bands" and of "The Fabulous Fifties", our music.......the Music of Our Life!
The mobile catering run during the week afforded me a great many contacts for numerous functions over the years, so that in 1988 I was able to leave it and go "full time"..... as a professional mobile disc jockey, specializing in weddings and corporate functions.
Along with this, I also did a Sunday 6:00 a.m. to noon radio show with an out-of-town station featuring "The Music Of Your Life" format, until I eventually couldn't handle working both jobs with only 3 hours of sleep between 'gigs'.
After a severe illness in late 1990, I was "put out to pasture" by my health advisers and joined the ranks of the 'Retired Citizens of Canada'.
Having joined the Canadian Disc Jockey Association in 1986 and holding various executive positions both nationally and locally since, I was awarded by the National Executive Board in January 1994, an HONOURARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP within the Canadian Disc Jockey Association. This honour has only been given to five other members in the 22 year history of this National Association. I've continued to stay quite active with them, even beyond my retirement, both as a chapter executive and a regional administrative assistant.
This, along with being a novice woodcarver belonging to a local senior's woodcarving club, keeps me occupied and out of mischief....... most of the time.

*VI. KIMBERLY DAWN HECKENDORN, b. K-W Hospital Kitchener, Ont. m. Allan 'Dale' VAN ALLEN 09 Sept. 1978, London, Ont. s/o Harry and Greta Van Allen, Kemptville, Ont. Children,2.

*VII. Dana Blake VAN ALLEN, enrolled at A.B.Lucas Secondary School, grade 12 in London. Plans on attending Carleton University, Ottawa Journalism Course upon graduation. Enjoys working part-ime at our local library, along with her part-time cashier job at a local food market and after just gaining her drivers licence, looks forward to "cruisin' in their gold beast.

*VII. Nicholas Tristan VAN ALLEN, enrolled in grade 10 at A.B.Lucas Secondary School. Lover of pets, especially his cockatoo, lizards and hampsters. Has been a real help to his grandpa (that's me) around the yard this past while. Nick plays a 'mean guitar'.

*Kim was 9 years old when the family moved from Kitchener to London and this meant being uprooted from her school, Forest Hill Public, where she had developed friendships that would carry on into her present adult life. She finished her elementary schooling at Northridge Public, went on to graduate from A.B.Lucas Secondary School, secured her B.A. majoring in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario, London, in June 1981 and later returned to work on her M.D., Doctor of Divinity and be ordained into the priesthood of the Anglican Church of Canada.
Her working experience started, as many young girls had, at babysitting, then went on to gain general knowledge of 'dealing with the public' by working at the family garden centre. She met Dale while both attending U.W.O..
After her marriage, she was employed with Simpson Dept. Store in their credit department until moving to Bell Canada where she eventually became a manager of the Network Provisioning Dept., responsible for a sizeable departmental budget. When Bell Canada 'downgraded' their staff in the mid-ninties, Kim accepted a 'buyout package' and returned to U.W.O. to enter Huron College, Anglican Seminary, graduating in May 1997.
Rev. Kim's very first wedding ceremony that she performed was for her brother Brock and his bride Bettina, on June 21, 1997.
She is now completing her third year charge as Assistant Curate at New St.Paul's Anglican Church in Woodstock, Ont. As of Feb.1, 2000, Kim will have her own congregations and will be moving to the village of Ilderton.

*VI. KEVIN BROCK HECKENDORN,b. K-W Hospital, Kitchener,Ont., m. Lotus WHY, 01 August 1985 b. South Africa, attended A.B.Lucas Secondary School, London, Ont.. Children, 1.

*VII. Katya Suzanne Hu HECKENDORN, b. Toronto, Ont. a very artistic little girl and the "apple of her grammie and grandpappy's eye".

*Kevin was a 'natural' at most athletics he participated in. As a youngster, he played 'competitive' hockey and baseball within the Stoneybrook Sports Association in north London. He also worked at the family landscape maintenance business while at at A.B.Lucas Secondary School, where he participated in hockey, football, basketball and drama. After touring Europe and later Australia and parts of Asia, he received his B.F.A., Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario. Kevin was impressed with the Asian methods of 'Alternative Medicine' and moved to Toronto to attend the School of Shiatsu for 3 years, where he graduated as a Shiatsu therapist and was Validictorian for his graduating class. After having joined an Alternative Medicine clinic in Toronto for a number of years, Kevin and Lotus decided to return to London when Katya was two years of age. They located in Wortly Village section of 'old south' London where Kevin established his own clinic. Teaching has become an important part of his work-life these past few years and he mixes this along with his therapy treatments. Not only does he instruct in Shiatsu, but teaches Tia Chi also to numerous students, including his mother.
Lotus has become quite an artisan, working in pottery. She shared a studio with a friend for some time, but is now on her own and also working at U.W.O.

*VI. Duane Howard HECKENDORN, b. K-W Hospital, Kitchener. m. Lynda HURAS, d/o Len and Joanne Huras of London, July 09, 1988. Children,1.

*VII. Graham Stuart HECKENDORN, b. London, Ont., Grammie and grandpa Heckendorn just can't get enough of him. He's Duane reincarnated. Haven't decided if that's good or bad as yet. Now Graham is waiting for a 'new' brother or sister.

*Duane attended Northridge Public School and A.B.Lucas Secondary School in London. Upon graduation he attended Sir Wilfred Laurier University 1981-82 in Waterloo, Ont., and then
completed his education at London's Fanshawe College.
As a younster, Duane participated in high school football and Stoneybrook Sports Association sponsored hockey and also worked in the family business. As an adult, he enjoyed playing recreational "Slowpitch" ball and hockey along with some rugger. He was my hunting companion for a few winters, using cross country skis, while I trudged along on my snowshoes.
Duane is a Data Analyst with Bell Canada since college graduation and he lives with his family in south-east London.
Woodworking has always been an exceptional hobby and his handywork can be viewed throughout their home from kitchen, to family room, to the outdoor deck and storage sheds he's built.
It's often said,"that talents skip generations", and in our family, the talent of using one's hands to create furniture and remodel homes etc., bypassed me completely, but clearly settled on my sons.

*VI. BROCK NELSON HECKENDORN, b. St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener, m. Bettina BROSS, d/o Werner and Hilda Bross of Sarnia, 21 July 1997, and brought 1 child with her into this union, her son Randy Bross.

*Brock had his education at Northridge Public School and A.B.Lucas Secondary School, completing it at Fanshawe College.
He is employed by Bell Canada as a Fibre Optics and Computer Analyst. Brock played 'select' hockey within the Stoneybrook Sports Association as a youngster and now for recreation, he enjoys playing "pickup hockey" with his brother Kevin, sometimes Duane, and a few of the boys each Saturday evening during the winters. He has operated his own framing business for many years, putting that finishing touch to many lovely works of art and has done photography over the years as a hobby with some of his works being exhibited locally. He and his family live in 'Old North London' in a home that he completely gutted and rebuilt, with a little assistance from various trades people.

*VI. SHAUN PATRICK HECKENDORN, b. St. Joseph's Hospital, London, Ont. The only true Londoner in the family.
As a youngster, Shaun like his brothers before him, played baseball and hockey within the Stoneybrook Sports Association and basketball while in public school at Northridge.
Shaun attended A.B.Lucas S.S., where he played on their Conference football teams and spent a week at the 'Michigan State University Football School' at Lansing, Michigan. After transfering to Montcalm High School for his Senior year, he was co-captain of their Senior Conference football team.
He graduated from Fanshawe College twice, once from the Heating and Refrigeration Course and and later from their Kinesiology Course. Shaun is into bodybuilding, but not to the extreme. He has 'worked out' at various gyms over the years and I would suggest that this is his main hobby.
Between years at Fanshawe College, he operated his own business doing custom deck and fence building. A sample of his workmanship can be viewed at G.T.'s Patio Bar on the beach at Port Stanley, Ont. Their multilayered deck was a summer project of his a few years ago.
Shaun is now employed with the St. Leonard Society, working with 'clients' and at their halfway homes. He enjoys the bachelor lifestyle, and his 'buddy' Major, his female boxer.
Major would come to our home for her "sleepovers" with Chance, Brock's 12 year old German Shepherd who has lived with us since 6 months of age, loves when we go for our strolls in the Arva park woodlands. Chance has become my personal 'shadow', always by my side. Major passed away this fall due to a heart attack.

*IV. WILMER HECKENDORN, b. 21 Feb. 1913, Waterloo Twsp.(Breslau) m. Jean SHOEMAKER 06 Nov. 1943 West Montrose, Woolwich Twsp., Ont. b. 24 Feb. 1923 West Montrose. Children, 2.

*Wilmer was the youngest of Moses and Amanda's family and was also born on the home farm near Breslau. As a youth he attended the Breslau Public School west of the farm. This ummer while Colleen and I were visiting, he related to us as to how much he enjoyed running across the back fields on the farm, down to the railroad tracks to watch the steam engines climb the long inclinement from the village below. He compared them to the "little train that could" of storybook fame, "I think I can, I think I can" each puff of smoke seemed to say.
In his teen years, Wilmer played hockey for the Breslau Tigers Hockey Club along with such notable area names as Cecil Mader, Harold Dedels, Ira Zeller and the Reinhart Brothers.
Wilmer went on to drive milk truck for his brother Clarence for a few years until starting his own milk trucking operation. In those days, milk was picked up at the farm in individual milk cans, hoisted up onto the truck by hand and stacked two high. These cans when full could each weigh as much as 70 pounds or more. Today the milk is pumped automatically through large hoses into the trucks stainless steel holding tank. No more back-breaking lifting.
Wilmer joined Clarence in opening a gravel business with pits at Marden north-east of Guelph and when Clarence moved on to the Simcoe region, Wilmer joined the Department of Transportation as an equipment operator until his retirement in 1978.
They have enjoyed retirement completely, taking in many stage performances in Toronto and regionally. He and Jean joined the Y,M,C,A, in Kitchener, both being avid exercisers in their twilite years, a possible explanation for their longevity and youthful exuberance.
Jean, born and raised on her mother's family (Letson) home-farm, attended the West Montrose village school just down the road from their farm and went on to finish her secondary schooling at Elmira District High School
where she also took a one year business course after completing her grade 13 year. After graduation, she was employed at the Mutual Life of Canada for two years prior to her marriage. They stayed, to live on the Letson family farm, along with her dad George Shoemaker, until his passing. Jean's mother had passed away after a lengthy illness when Jean was quite young.
Wilmer and Jean have done a lot of remodeling to their old field-stone home over the years and just recently completed renovating their two car garage. I believe they plan on being around for some time yet.
Jean continues to display her effervescent personality that we all have gotten to love so well.

*V. SHARON LYNN HECKENDORN, b.Kitchener, m. Ronald William DUSKOCY 11 May 1974, Elmira, Ont., b. Kitchener, Ont.
Sharon grew up in West Montrose and attended Elmira District High School completing her grade 12 in Commercial. She has been employed with Home Hardware Ltd., at St. Jacobs in the office, for many years . Dad used to enjoy his little meetings with Sharon when he would make his sales presentations to the company buyers.Her husband Ron was raised on a farm near Linwood and attended high school in Elmira also where he took the technical and trades courses. Apprenticing in automotive mechanics, he is a classified Class 'A' diesel mechanic. Both enjoy bowling, snowmobiling and Ron is an avid hunter. Their home is in Elmira. Children, 2.

V. BRIAN LEE HECKENDORN, b. Kitchener, m. Julie Michelle FOERSTER, 28 May 1977, Elmira, Ont., b. Kitchener.
Brian also grew up in West Montrose, attending Elmira Distric High School through grade 12 where he met Julie. He has been employed in the turkey industry for some years now, travelling around to various suppliers farms. Julie is a real estate agent in Elmira and they live on the same street as Sharon and Ron.
Brian was quite a participant in minor hockey as a youth and is quite interested in sports. Both enjoy watersking, boating and snowmobiling. Brian is keenly interested in woodworking. Julie, very kindly drove Wilmer and Jean to London in 1996, to attend our 40th Wedding Anniversary party.
Children, 2.

Lovingly remembered, by daughter Louella Heckendorn.

Following their marriage, they (Moses and Amanda) moved to Maryborough township in Wellington County where they farmed for nine years. Daughters Arclista, Louella and Alta were born there.
In January of 1901, father and mother left Ontario for Huron County, Michigan where a farm had been purchased near the village of Pigeon. This was comparably new country and the land had to be cleared. Lumbermen with large two-wheeled carts hauled the logs out of the woods. To complete clearing operations father used dynamite to blast out the remaining stumps.
When moving to Michigan, father accompanied the freight-car containg the family possession and some farm animals, including their dog Charlie.
Mother followed some weeks later, travelling by train with her three little girls. Enroute the girls became ill and were diagnosed as having diptheria. Fortunately mother had an uncle "Balzar Otterbein" living at Port Huron, Michigan. After four days of intese suffering, Arclista died. She was six years of age. Being under quarantine no funeral could be held. In the midst of a cold , blustery day she was laid in a lonely grave in a Port Huron Cemetery.
A telegram sent to father which was written with pencil on a lined sheet of paper is in good condition and in possession of the family.
Mother and father were converted and united with the Mennonite church in the early years of their marriage. When in Michigan they worshipped with the Mennonite congregation located in Berne one and a half miles east of their farm.
For two years father and two neighbours, Andrew Schaaf and Henry Kretchmer conducted a Sunday School service on Sunday afternoons in the Quarry schoolhouse one and a half miles west of their farm, for the families of the Stone Quarry employees.
Automobiles made their first appearance in the area when a prominent Pigeon business man purchased one. The sound of the chug chugging coming up the road gave us ample time to run for the farm gate to watch the new, strange, horseless carriage pass by.
Four members of the family, Ian, Seleda, Pearl and Clarence were born in Michigan.
The ties of family and friends in Canada remained strong and after eleven years they left their fine farm, with it's large frame house and good barn and returned to Ontario. They bought a farm located at Breslau where they farmed for twenty-seven years. Two sons, Nelson and Wimer were born here.
Although a lover of nature and ardent tiller of the soil, age and failing health and strength made it necessary for father to retire. They left their beautiful farm in may, 1938 to move into the village of Breslau where they resided until they died, father in 1944 and mother in 1958.

* Luella continued to live at the family home as she had for many, many years and maintained a bountiful, lovely garden. She passed away in October of 1985 at St. Mary's Hospital in Kitchener.
Louella will be sorely missed by her many nieces, nephews and their children that knew her, family, friends and those children that she helped to raise in so many families throughout the years.. Aunt Luella was the catalyst that held the family together for all those many years after the passing of her parents.
Lovingly, Nephew, Howard R. Heckendorn.

III. BARBARA HECKENDORN, b. 12 March 1865 d. 23 August 1934 in Michigan. She is resting beside her parents John and Mary, in the Breslau Mennonite Cemetery, Cressman Mennonite Church. Married Solomon G. CASSEL in 1890, b. 1858, d. 30 September 1931. Children, 9.
1V. ELROY CASSEL, b. 29 March 1891 d. ? married Florence SACHAU in 1915, b.?, d. 14 April 1969, Detroit, Michigan. Divorced.
2nd. m. to Cicil COOK, June 1939, b.?, d. May 1951.
3rd. m. to Emma WILLIAMS, 16 December 1954, b. 06 January 1904 in Arkansas. Elroy and Emma resided in Missouri when last heard of.
Children, 8.
V. ELAINE CASSEL b. 24 June 1917, d. ?, m. Kenneth PIGEON, 05 October 1940,b. 24 August 1917. Children, 2 (chosen).
VI. Rodger David Pigeon
VI. Joanne Louise Pigeon

V. MELVIN CASSEL, b. 1919, d. in infancy.

V. CARLTON CASSEL, b. 01 May 1920, m. Kathyrn RUSSEL O4 April 1955. Children, 4.
VI. Linda Jean Cassel
VI. Dandra Kay Cassel
VI. Kenneth James Cassel
VI. Norman Cassel


V. JEAN THELMA CASSEL, B. 16 November 1923, m. Verenon Arthur SARGENT 31 July 1944. Children, 1.
VI. Janet Ruth Sargent

V. HELEN GRACE CASSEL, b. 26 October 1924, m. Donald Junior KNOWLES 26 JUNE 1942. Children, 3.

VI. Robert Donald Knowles, m. Elinor STINE 14 january 1967. Children, 1.
VII. Robert Donald Jr. Knowles

VI. Karen Kay Knowles m. Michael DOOLITTLE 23 April 1966. Children, 2.
VII. Michelle Kay Doolittle
VII. Jeffrey Doolittle

VI. Carol Anne Knowles m. Roland Steven WEBER, 16 march 1969. Children, 1.
VII. Rodney Dell Weber

V. BEVERLY ANN CASSEL m. Richard STONE 27 February 1960. Children, 3.
VI. Michael Freeman Stone
VI. Patricia Ann Stone
VI. Sharon Kay Stone

V. BARBARA ANN CASSEL m. Howard STONE 17 February 1961. Children, 3.
VI. Sherry Ann Stone
VI Thomas Dale Stone
VI. James Howard Stone

IV. GEORGE CASSEL, b. 05 March 1893, d. 09 February 1969, m. Ida SCHWARTZENTRUBER 16 August 1933, b.? d. 27 July 1956. Children, 1.
V. THELMA CASSEL m. Charles F. Freytag ?. Children, 2.
VI. Cynthia Ann Marie Freytag
VI. Charles James Freytag.

IV. FANNIE CASSEL, b. 28 February 1895, d. ?. m. Albert SHEDLER 20 August 1912, b. 05 July 1884,d.? Divorced. Remarried a Mr. Christoff. Children, 9.

V. EDWARD HUGO SHEDLER, b. 14 October 1912, d.?, m. Elsie Doris BOWMAN 05 December 1942, b. 10 August 1910, d.?. Children 2.
VI. John Edward Shedler
VI. Ruth Ann Schedler, m. Kenneth Floyd Grant 14 june 1969.

V. EDNA MABEL SCHEDLER, b. 12 June 1916, m. Clifford BRADFIELD 02 October 1935, b. 12 June 1916, d.?. Children, 5.
VI. Hazel Mabel Bradfield, m. John Guzak 04 May 1957. Children 1.
VII. Mackeil John Guzak.

VI. Ronald Thomas Bradfield, m. Connie Brutterwick 19 October 1957. Children, 3.
VII. Edward Ronald Bradfield
VII. Kevin Gregory Bradfield
VII. Shelly E. Bradfield

VI. Clifford Dale Bradfield m. Lindy ? 22 August 1967. Children, 1.
VII. Dale matthew Bradfield

VI. Norman R. Bradfield m. Sally Barrett 19 April 1967. Children, 1.
VII. ?

VI. Randy G. Bradfield ?

V. GLADYS MELINDA SHEDLER b. 04 July 1916.d.? m. William L. VAN EVERY 30 May 1935. Children, 9.

VI. Fred W. Van Every m. Joyce Gamble 19 September 1959. Children, 4.
VII. Fred W. Van Every
VII. Edward L. Van Every
VII. Samuel kenneth Van Every
VII. Holly Minerva Van Every

VI. George Leonard Van Everey, m. Carol Linquist, 05 October 1962. Children, 1.
VII. Godfrey Allen Van Every.

VI. Illene Thelma Van Every, m. Arthur Golden ? Children, 2.
VII. Caroline Minerva Golden
VII. Lawrence W. Golden

VI. Edna E. Van Every, m. Harold Richard Ludwig 14 January 1958. Children, 3.
VII. Harold E. Ludwig
VII. Deborah Lorraine Ludwig
VII. Judy Sharon Ludwig

VI. Shirley Ann Van Every

VI. Mervin Van Every, m. Barbara McCumber, children,3.
VII. Timothy Van Every
VII. Tracy Van Every
VII. Linda Van Every

VI. Howard Van Everey

VI. Walter Van Everey

VI. Helen Van Every

V. Doris Alvina Shedler, b. 25 Sept. 1918, m. John Malloy 24 Sept. 1938. Children, 3 (chosen).
VI. Douglas Neil Mallory m. Delores Conrad 20 July 1968. Children, 2.
VII. Kevin Mallory
VII. Anette Mallory
VI. Linda Mallory
VI. Randy Mallory

V. Vera Anna Schedler, m. Leonard Ramsey 14 Feb. 1941. Children, 5.
VI. William W. Ramsey, m. Betty ? 22 June 1963. Children 2.
VII. Beverley Ramsey
VII. Michael Ramsey
VI. Edna Wanda Ramsey m. Wayne Steward 9 Dec. 1967. Children, 2.
VII. Lucy Steward
VII. Tommy Steward
VI. Danna Ramsey m. David Swimm 16 Oct. 1967. Children, 2.
VII. Sharon Swimm
VII. Sherry Swimm
VI. Jessie Diane Ramsey m. John Bohott 7 Sept. 1967. Children, 1.
VII. Frieor Bohott
VI. Lynne E. Ramsey m. Roy Fisher 20 June 1970.

V. George E. Shedler Short, m. Gwendolyne E. G. Walker 26 June 1945. Children, 3.
VI. Paulette M. Short m. William Vanderheyden 4 Sept. 1965. Children, 1.
VII. Heidi Rene Vanderheyden
VI. Marlene H. Short, m. Richard R. William 11 Oct. 1969.
VI. Roy G. Short

V. Caroline Ethel Shedler Wright, m. Rudolf Schramm 2 jan. 1955. Children, 2.
VI. Rudolf Peter Schramm
VI. Richard Keith Schramm

V. Junior Shedler, whereaboputs unknown.

V. Erma B. Cassel m. Tommy Hackett 2 May 1944. Children, 8
VI. Helen hackett,m. Harold Hinsberger 5 Dec. 1964. Children, 3.
VII. Joanne Hinsberger
VII. Karen Hinsberger
VII. Margaret Hinsberger
VI. William Hackett
VI, Joseph M. Hackett
VI. Robert J. Hackett
VI. Shannon Hackett
VI. Ray Hackett
VI. Louis Hackett
VI. Armon Hackett

IV. MILTON JOHN CASSEL b. 16 July 1897 d. 14 May 1971, m. Catherine Overholt 15 July 1927, b. 25 April 1879 d. 10 Nov. 1951.

IV. EARLE CASSEL b. 1 Jan. 1900 d. 22 may 1964, m. Muriel Witsitt 1932,
2nd. marriage Lena ?, Oakland, Cal. was a welder in the San Francisco Shipyards most of his life. Children, 1.
V. Barbara Cassel

IV. GLISTER S. CASSEL b. 28 July 1903. Whereabouts unknown.

IV. PEARL HANNAH CASSEL, b. 7 Sept. 1904 Perth Co., m. Carl Jacob Kuntz 3 may 1923, b. 5 June 1900 d. 12 April 1952. Children, 5.
V. Evelyne Gertrude Kuntz m. Earl Sturgeon 28 Oct. 1951. Chioldren, 2.
VI. Dale Sturgeon
Vi. Colin Sturgeon

V. Henlen Emma Kuntz m. Robert Carl Asmussen 29 march 1942. Children, 3.
VI. Paul Robert Asmussen
VI. Steve Leonard Asmussen
VI. William James Asmussen

V. Ruth Kuntz m. Douglas Howard Glebe 30 July 1946. Children, 2.
VI. Bryon George Glebe
VI. Janice Evelyn Glebe

V. Shirley Emma Kuntz, b. 12 April 1929 d. 13 April 1929.

V. Douglas Earle kuntz m. Joan Emelia Kudoba 8 June 1956. Children, 3.
Vi. Randall Douglas Kuntz
VI. Catherine Shirley Kuntz
VI. Bradley Carl Kuntz

IV. LILLIAN MAE CASSEL, b. 26 July 1907 b.? m. Marius Thomsen 4 March 1928, b. 28 July 1898 d. 1 June 1952. Children, 4.
V. Nelson Marius Thomsen m. Geraldine Galasso ?
V. Arthur George Thomsen m. Barbara Clocke. Children, 1.
VI. Danny Thomsen
V. Barbara Marie Thomsen m. James Frederick McNeal 1 March 1958. Children, 2.
VI. Karen Ann McNeal
VI. Barbara Lynn Mc Neal
V. Sandra Ann Thomsen m. Ronald Root. Children, 4.
VI. Ronnie Root
VI. Stephen Root
VI. Janice Root
VI. Wendy Ann Root

IV. VERNON S. CASSEL b. 26 Dec. 1909 d. 15 March 1967 m. Mary Ann Manion b. 16 July 1894 d. 8 Jan. 1966. Children, 0.

III. MARY ANN HECKENDORN, b. 4 May 1867 d. 5 September 1960, m. Ezra GEIGER 22 June 1892, b. 18 June 1870 d. 5 July 1950. Children, 7.
*When first married, they lived near Branchton, Ontario (located south of now Cambridge), then moved onto a farm near Kossuth (located in the center of a triangle drawn between Kitchener, Guelph and Cambridge, south-east of Breslau). Mary Ann was an avid gardener and for many years was a familiar vendor at the Kitchener Farmer's market.

IV. MILTON GEIGER, b. 22 April 1893, died in infancy.

IV. MABEL MAY GEIGER, b. 22 Dec. 1894, d. ?, m. William GOSSMAN of Huron Co., 4 August 1919, b. 16 Feb. 1891 d. 11 Oct. 1967. Children, 10.
V. Garnet William Gossman m. Margaret McAlistar of Glasgow, Scotland, 10 April 1946. Children, 2.
VI. Donna Lynn
VI. Deanne Sheal Gossman, m. Dennis Trepanier 1 Aug. 1970. Children, 1.
VII. Tina Marie Trepanier

V. Dolores Mary Ellen Gossman m. James Cornford 16 Feb. 1943. Children, 3.
VI. James William Cornford
VI. Larry Charles Cornford
VI. Dolores Isabel Mae Cornford, m. William Earl Swaze 19 June 1971.

V. Leonard Gossman m. Clair Gaynor of Ireland, Dec. 1956. Children, 3.
VI. Kenneth James Gossman
VI. John Leon Gossman
VI. Annette Eileen Gossman

V. Jean Eleanor Gossman m. Herman fleming 16 May 1959. Children, 3.
VI. Eleanor Jean Fleming
VI. Sherwood William Fleming
VI. Debra Jane Fleming

V. Sherwood Maurice Gossman m. Gladys Deitrich 1 Feb. 1947. Remarried to Rhea Shantz* 29 July 1957. Children, 4.
VI. Carol Ann Gossman, m. John Kranenburg 1 May 1971.
VI. Dennis Sheerwood Gossman m. Marlyn Ilene Dench 6 April 1968
VI. Sheila Marie Gossman m. Roderick Robertson 13 Dec. 1969
VI.* Sandra Jane Gossman

V. Clara Ann Gossman
V. Harry Allen Gossman
V. Kenneth Vern Gossman
V. Martha May Gossman m. Neal McLaren (Rev.) of Australia, 3 June 1967. Children, 1.
VI. Meredith Sue McLaren

V. Shirley Virginia Gossman m. Victor Watson of Nova Scotia 31 Aug. 1952. Children, 5.
VI. Bryan V. Watson
VI. Darlene Jane Watson
VI. Dean Richard Watson
VI. Steven Gregory Watson
VI. Harold William Watson

IV. ERVIN H. GEIGER b. 24 October 1897 d. 6 January 1958.

IV. IDA LUCINDA GEIGER b. 21 November 1899 d. ?, m. Clarence Wilfred SNYDER 2 Sept. 1925, b. 19 Aug. 1902 d. 9 May 1938. Children, 4.
V. David Geiger Snyder m. Eleanor Kehl 1 Sept. 1956. Children, 4.
VI. Bradley David Snyder
VI. Harvey Brent Snyder
VI. Jeffrey John Snyder
VI. Darron Robert Snyder

V. George Donald Snyder m. Ruth Pflug 12 March 1960. Children, 2.
VI. Christine Elizabeth Snyder
VI. Donald George Snyder

V. Mary Elizabeth Snyder m. Ross Bennet 2 July 1951. Children,3.
VI. Jane Elizabeth Bennet
VI. Lisa Mary Bennet
VI. John Ross Bennet

V. Griffith Arthur Snyder m. Mary Ann Heinrichs 23 June 1962. Children, 2.
VI. Laurel Beth Snyder
VI. Trever Clarence Snyder

IV. DAUGHTER GEIGER, b. 12 April 1902, d. in infancy.

IV. ARTHUR HERBERT GEIGER, b. 9 March 1904 d. 15 Dec. 1967, m. Lucy May SMITH from Georgia, USA 23 Feb. 1937. Children,1.
V. Constance Geiger

IV. GORDON DAVID GEIGER b. 2 April 1910 d. ?.

*Go to HECKENDORN FAMILY CONTINUES, Pt. 4, for the descendents of LEAH HECKENDORN........and others!

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