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WELCOME to the continuation of the HECKENDORN FAMILY OF CANADA......We are following the descendents of Jacob Heckendorn through his son JOHN and wife MARY (HUBER GOOD) HECKENDORN.............

THE LINE CONTINUES.......................
III. LEAH HECKENDORN b. 28 August 1868 d. 10 September 1918, m. Henry GINGRICH, b. 18 April 1870 d. 10 October 1964.They lived the early years of their married life in Michigan where their three children were born, later moving to Canada where they lived until their deaths. Children, 3.

IV. OSCAR GINGRICH, b. 26 August 1897, d. ?, m. Linean Cressman 23 June 1926, b. 21 November 1899 d. ?. Children, 4.
V. Evelyn Blanche Gingrich m. Laverne Seyler 21 May 1966. Children, 2.
VI. Steven Daniel Seyler
VI. Trevor John Seyler

V. Carol Elizabeth Gingrich, m. Clifford Stanley Schott 1 Sept. 1951. Children, 3.
VI. Gary Clifford Schott
VI. Judy Dianne Schott
VI. Bradley David Scott

V. Wanda Elaine Gingrich m. Nevin Ray Gingerich 27 Sept. 1952. Children,4.
VI. William Dale Gingerich
VI. Larry Roger Gingerich
VI. Karen Lynn Gingerich
VI. Darcey Ray Gingerich

V. Barbara Ann Gingrich m. Thomas Henry Clare 1 July 1961. Children, 2.
VI. Carolyn Dawn Clare
VI. Sean Thomas Clare

IV. MENNO GINGRICH b. 6 Sept. 1899 m. Viola Mae Brackenstow Sept. 1919. Remarried 28 March 1937 to Alice Louise Neisius Flanders. Children, 5 (all from 1st. marriage)
V. Verla Lucille Gingrich b. 14 March 1920 m. Harold E. Berg 1 Nov. 1938. Remarried 30 Dec. 1964 to richard O'Brian. Children, 3 (all from 1st. marriage).
VI. Bonnie Jereen Berg m. Robert Edmund Bolduc Jr. 22 June 1959. Children, 5.
VII. Robert Edmund Bolduc 3rd.
VII. Richard Harold Bolduc
VII. Shelly Ann Bolduc
VII. Sindee Annette Bolduc
VII. James Louis Bolduc

VI. Jack Duane Berg

VI. Ronnie Lance Berg m. Virginia Roebuck R.N. Children, 3.
VII. Lance Berg
VII. Stephen Berg
VII. Trevar Berg

V. Verol Corrine Gingrich m. Robert Cihak 2 Feb. 1942. Remarried to Robert Charles Phelps. Children, 4 (both marriages).
VI. Robert Luis Cihak
VI. Pamela Corrine Phelps
VI. Gregory Charles Phelps
VI. Brian Robert Phelps

V. Menno Earl Gingrich b. 30 may 1925 d. 30 Dec. 1944.

V. Divonna Gingrich d. infancy 1929.

V. Clifford Alden Gingrich

IV. MARGARET GINGRICH b. 26 Sept. 1901 m. Owen Bechtel d. 1 May 1969. Children, 3.
V. Gladys Sheila Bechtel m. John Hunsberger 1 March 1941. Children, 3.
VI. James Roberet Hunsberger m. Willa Carolyn Thompson 3 Jan. 1968. Children 1.
VII. James Conrad Hunsberger

VI. Lois Ann Hunsberger m. John Pickoski 30 Sept. 1967.
VI. John Mark Hunsberger

V. Mary June Bechtel m. Kenneth Ian Willsie 26 Aug. 1967. Children, 1.
VI. Jeffrey Scott Willsie.

V. Avon Doreen Bechtel m. David Burkholder 10 june 1967. Children, 1.
VI. Heidi Burkholder.

III. NOAH HECKENDORN b. 22 October 1871 d. 29 June 1953.
* I have copies of letters written by Noah to his brother Moses (my Grandfather) living near Berne, Michigan, dated July 3, 1906 through March 15, 1908. At that time, Noah was living in Tacoma, Washington and listed his residences as "The St. Paul Hotel" and also "1340 Commarce Street". These may have been one in the same or two different locations, I've unsure at this time.
He states in his first letter of July 1906, that he arrived in Tacoma in February of that year and really enjoys it "all though it rains quite a bit" and "I am sorry about that I did not come out here when I first came to Michigan".
He states that he, "is working for a sawmill that employs 800 to 1200 men", has "85 head of horses that are the cream of the country" and "turns out 500,000 board feet of lumber every 20 hours". His wages when he first started, for piling lumber, were $1.75 per day; he then went to driving horse teams and was paid $1.90 per day with an increase by the middle of the month to $2.00 per day. Within a month, he received increased wages again to $2.10 and by the middle of May was earning $2.20 per day. By the first of June, he says he was up to $2.40 per day and put in twenty-nine days at 7 1/2 hours per day. Unfortunately, he had to take three and a half days off in July to rest his feet that were "sore and blistered from walking on the hard planking". He tells Moses, "compare it to, open your barn doors and let the sun shine in and then walk back and forth from 7 o'clock in the morning till 6 at night and keep that up for a month or two".
In a letter dated Feb. 24, 1907, he writes "that I saw your Brother about three weeks ago in Tacoma and I was up to his place for dinner and he told me that they was going east next summer, that is if he can sell his house and lots where he lives now. Mr. Otterbein is doing pretty good out here he owns 3 lots and two houses. He told me that I was to send you his address when I wrote to you so here it is #4137 on 43 and South M street Tacoma Wash." I believe he is referring to a brother- in-law of Moses, a brother to his wife Amanda (Otterbein) Heckendorn. Further into the letter, he says that he "cleaned up $400.00 last year and expects to do better this year". In speaking of the weather, he tells Moses that, "since last Nov. it rained fron 2 to 3 days in a week till the last of Dec. and the first of Feb, during that time we had a little snow. We had two snow falls of about six inches but it did not last long, from 2 to 3 days and the coldest was ten above zero for three or four mornings and this month from the 6th was nice and warm and the grass is green again". Also in this letter, he mentions that he and his younger brother Isreal are rooming together for now and that Isreal "is working as a longshoreman, which is very steady work and he gets good pay. When he does work he gets 30 cts per hour and time and a half for overtime". As an after thought, Noah included the following footnote, "Watch Tacoma Grow, Population in 1900....37,000 1907....85,000......That is growing some!"
In the last letter of his that I have to Moses, dated March 15, 1908, Noah speaks of the rainy weather, which had been quite heavy and continuous that spring but, he also once again makes the statement, "I can tell you right now that I am not sorry that I come out here".
It would seem that there must have been an economic or financial depression or recession that fall of 1907, as he makes mention of "i guess that money question last fall effected you as well as us out here. All the logging camps were shut down and a lot of the mills; they made a cut in wages of 20%, but they are gradually coming back again". He goes on to say, "the month of Feb. was the smallest check that I had for 18 months, that was $37.42 and board". He also comments that his brother Isreal who is driving truck for the "City Transfer and Storage Co." was earning"$70.00 per month all winter, but he is got to work a hole lot harder then I do".
These letters give us a little insight into the living and working conditions, of the early 1900's in north-western United States. What a difference in era's between those early 1900's and now, soon to be going into the "new millinium" in 2001.

III. EZRA HECKENDORN b. 23 March 1874, died same day.

III. SUSANNAH HECKENDORN b. 26 June 1875 d. 8 November 1967, m. John Brubaker 4 January, 1901, b. 23 October 1875 d. 27 January 1961.
After their marriage they lived in Iowa where his parents had homesteaded. While the soil and farming was good, the storms and cyclones were unpredictable. After eleven years of pioneering they moved to Snyder County , Pennsylvania. Here John was ordained as a minister. For a number of years he preached in Maryland. On their retirement they moved back to Pennsylvania and spent their last years with their daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Paul Landis who lovingly cared for them.
* I received a note awhile back from a Mr. Milton S. Haldeman, who states that he now lives in the former Landis home at 410 Hahnstown Road, Ephaata, PA., where Susannah and her husband John Brubaker lived out their last years with their daughter Amanda and her husband Paul Graybill Landis.
Mr. Haldeman also included copies of some pages from the "Heckendorn Family History and Genealogy" that this brief, the "Heckendorn Family of Canada" is based upon and also some copies of "Veronica Deppen Heckendorn Branch". I'd like to acknowledge with "thanks", for his interest, in contacting me and including this information.
And now.....on with the family line of Susannah and John Brubaker.
IV. AMANDA BRUBAKER b. 23 March 1906 m. Paul Graybill LANDIS June 30, 1928, b. 21 April 1907. Paul was a machinist through his working years. Children, 6.
V. John Landis m. Martha Newkirk 18 April 1950. Children, 2.
VI. Kathelyn Landis
VI. Betty Ann Landis

V. Lucy B. Landis m. Clarence M. Nolt 1 January 1956. Children, 5.
VI. Delores Nolt
VI. Gaylen Nolt
VI. Marvin Nolt
VI. Lorene Nolt
VI. John David Nolt

V. Annie B. Landis m. Melvin M. Gehman 28 Sept. 1957. Children, 5.
VI. Lucy L. Gehman
VI. Edwin Gehman
VI. Arlene Gehman
VI. Lois Gehman
VI. Marian Gehman

V. Alvin Landis m. Ruth Weaver Martin 14 March 1964. Children, 4.
VI. Anna Mae Landis
VI. Edwin Landis
VI. Alvin Landis
VI. Susan Landis

V. Paul Joseph Landis m. Ella Mae Weaver 18 April 1964. Children 3.
VI. Gary Weaver Landis
VI. James Landis
VI. Gloria Landis

V. Warren B. Landis m. Darla Miller Landis 22 March 1968. Children, 1.
VI. Anthony Lee Landis

IV. ENOCH BRUBAKER b. 29 May 1908 m. Catherine FOX 31 Dec. 1932, b. 28 Dec. 1913. Most of their married life has been lived in Snyder County, PA. Enoch was a carpenter by trade. Children, 12.
V. Paul F. Brubaker m. Elizabeth Stauffer 4 Nov. 1956. Children, 10.
VI. Walter Brubaker
VI. Eva Brubaker
VI. Ezra Brubaker
VI. Roy Brubaker
VI. Matthew Brubaker
VI. Arthur Brubaker
VI. Mary Ann Brubaker
VI. Philip Brubakere
VI. Thomas Brubaker
VI. Jeremiah Brubaker

V. Arlene Brubaker m. John Stauffer 6 Nov. 1955. Children, 9.
VI. Melvin Stauffer
VI. Daniel Stauffer
VI. Jonathan Stauffer
VI. Paul Stauffer
VI. Josephine Brubaker
VI. Timothy Brubaker
VI. Isaac Brubaker
VI. James Brubaker
VI. Mary Kathyrn Brubaker

V. Anna Mae Brubaker m. LeRoy Auker 22 March 1958. Children, 5.
VI. Dale B. Auker
VI. Beverley Auker
VI. Gerald Auker
VI. Kathleen Auker
VI. Carolyn Auker

V. Grace Brubaker m. David Stauffer 9 Aug. 1958. Children, 6.
VI. Edwin Lee Stauffer
VI. Steven Wade Stauffer
VI. Bryon Scott Stauffer
VI. Tony Wendell Stauffer
VI. Connie Lynn Stauffer
VI. Lou Arlene Stauffer

V. John Brubaker b. 5 January 1941 d. 24 February 1962.

V. Elsie Brubaker m. Levi Stauffer 19 June 1965. Children, 4.
VI. Joanna Stauffer
VI. Bethany Stauffer
VI. Regina Stauffer
VI. Lincoln Stauffer

V. Irma Brubaker m. Pheryl Zimmerman 19 June 1965. Children, 3.
VI. Dawn Zimmerman
VI. Sandra Zimmerman
VI. Pheryl Zimmerman

V. Mervin Brubaker

V. Nancy Brubaker m. Kenneth Zimmerman 21 june 1969. Children, 2 (twins).
VI. Cynthia Kay Zimmerman
VI. Kenneth Ray Zimmerman

V. Eleanore Brubaker

V. Irwin Brubaker

V. Alvin Lee Brubaker.

IV. JOSEPH H. BRUBAKER b. 1 December 1910 m. Nora Sensenig 4 Aug. 1935. Children, 3. They also had 6 'foster children' which we do not list at this time.
V. Doris Elizabeth Brubaker m. Levi Zimmerman Jr. 27 March 1955. Children, 8.
VI. Miriam Zimmerman
VI. Clair Zimmerman
VI. Marvin Zimmerman
VI. Leon Zimmerman
VI. Kenneth Zimmerman
VI. Mervin Zimmerman
VI. Harold Zimmerman
VI. Joy B. Zimmerman

V. Joseph Dale Brubaker

V. LaVerne Brubaker m. Susan Miller 27 Oct. 1970. Children, 1.
VI. Cory Lee Brubaker

IV. NANCY BRUBAKER m. Allen Stauffer 18 June 1932. Children, 12.
V. Ellen B. Stauffer m. Levi Sensenig 11 July 1953. Children, 9.
VI. Joyce S. Sensenig
VI. Kenneth Sensenig
VI. Terry Sensenig
VI. Dale Sensenig
VI. Brenda Sensenig
VI. Donna Sensenig
VI. Nancy Sensenig
VI. Levi Sensenig
VI. Mary Ellen Sensenig

V. Ray Stauffer stillborn 30 December 1934.

V. Josephine B. Stauffer m. Clavin Stauffer 3 April 1954. Children, 6.
VI. Sandra Stauffer
VI. Debra Stauffer
VI. Trudy Stauffer
VI. Tony Stauffer
VI. Wanda Stauffer
VI. Thomas Stauffer

V. Earl Stauffer m. Kathyrn Stauffer 8 may 1958. Children, 6.
VI. Eugene W. Stauffer
VI. Kathy Mae Stauffer
VI. Betty Ann Stauffer
VI. Ray Stauffer
VI. Ellen Fay Stauffer
VI. Ruth Stauffer

V. Beatrice Stauffer m. Stanley Zimmerman 26 Sept. 1964. Children, 3.
VI. Lisa Annette Zimmerman
VI. Karen Zimmerman
VI. Sharon Zimmerman

V. Ida Mae Stauffer m. Noah L. Martin 11 Oct. 1963. Children, 4.
VI. Fay Martin
VI. Naomi Martin
VI. Mabel martin
VI. Ida mae Martin

V. Lloyd Stauffer m. Dixie Stauffer 27 march 1965. Children, 1.
VI. Scotty Stauffer.

V. Chester Stauffer (twin) m. Lucille Haldman 6 Aug. 1965. Children, 3.
VI. Roger Stauffer
VI. Sherrie Stauffer
VI. Ricky Stauffer

V. Lester Stauffer (twin) m. Elsie Sensenig 11 Oct. 1969.

V. Nancy Stauffer m. John Auker 19 Nov. 1966. Children,1.
VI. Dawn Auker

V. Wayne B. Stauffer

IV. LEAH BRUBAKER b. 29 October 1913, m. Elmer GROFF 31 Nov. 1934, b. 17 Feb. 1914. children, 4.
V. Ernest B. Groff m. Mary Horst 1 may 1954. Children, 6.
VI. Leonard H. Groff
VI. Linda Groff
VI. Mary Jane Groff
VI. Leah Fay Groff
VI. Barbara Ann Groff
VI. Ernest Ray Groff

V. Elwood Groff (twin) m. Ruth Weaver 11 nov. 1961. Children,2.
VI. Naomi Groff
VI. Lorene Groff

V. Eleanor Groff (twin) m. Raymond W. Horst 11 Nov. 1961. Children, 1.
VI. Howard G. Horst

V. Lewis Groff m. Ella Zimmerman 11 May 1966.

IV. JACOB BRUBAKER, b. 8 January 1919 d. 19 June 1919.

From her devoted Grandchildren
June 23, 1960

Once upon a time there lived a little girl in Canada.
Her last name was heckendorn and her first was Susannah
I don't understand but I know it was sad
That she had to work for others as a maid,
With fist and mouth they never let her shirk.

The real daughter was best and first always
While granny had to work hard all day.
Then one day she met her Prince Charming, an Iowan.
His last name was Brubaker, and his first was John.
After that life was not the same.

it was love at first sight, but he had to go back
So they courted by letter, the third did the work.
"Susannah dear, if you agree, bring your things and I
will marry thee." This made her heart sing.

For John, she was a good wife, brave, meek and true
Through work and trouble and joy and trial
Sussanh raised him many a child, and worked long days for she
was strong, and brave through all when he was sick
And meek when he was strong and quick.

The times were not easy and life was not play,
They moved to Pa. to see a better day. They bought a farm
and the children grew, they married and left and bought homes too.

A sweet little child, a baby boy, they yielded to God
And laid him away to eternal repose. The years go by
thru relentless years not much can remain, untouched, untried, unbent, unchanged.
But Susannah never qualed, never faltered, never fainted
Tho with every phase of life she was closely aquainted
As a mother, grandmother and wife.

The above was prepared and read at their Grandparents 60th Anniversary.

We treasure the memory of Grandmother and Grandfather, and are glad we lived near them. It gave us a special meaning to our lives that will guide us as long as we live..............
Excerpt from a letter written by Granddaughter, Arlene Brubaker

III. LYDIANN HECKENDORN, b. 3 September 1877 d. 27 January 1917, m. Fred MULHOLLAND 21 March 1900, b. 1 March 1877 d. 10 May 1959.
They lived in the village of Branchton, just south of Galt (Cambridge), Ontario. here they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.
Not many years later she was ravaged with the dreaded cancer. She put up a valient fight for the sake of their little chosen daughter, but the disease proved fatal.
Children, 1.
IV. MARGARET MULHOLLAND m. Allen Walker 18 August 1934. They are members of the Plymouth brethren Church and for many years have been happily involved with the Guelph Bible Chapel and Bible Conference grounds. A number of winters were spent in the Bahamas engaged in Personal Evangelism.
Children, 4.
V. Patricia Walker m. Scott Northmore 9 May 1957. Children, 4.
VI. Kimberly Northmore
VI. Scott Jr. Northmore
VI. Michael Northmore
VI. Kenneth Northmore

V. Joan Walker m. Eldon Ridge Oct. 1961. Remarried to William Hadley 21 Dec. 1968. Children, 2 (one each marriage).
VI. Janice
VI. John

V. Janis Walker m. James Mitchell 17 Aug. 1962. Children,2.
VI. Jimmy Mitchell
VI. Julie mitchell

V. Donna Walker m. Robert Chapman 5 Sept. 1968.

*III. ISRAEL HECKENDORN ......whereabouts of Israel were unknown to the family after leaving Tacoma, Washington. He wrote a letter to his father requesting his birth certificate so that he could sail to Venezualla, South America.

*THIS COMPLETES THE FAMILY OF JOHN AND MARY GOOD HECKENDORN (until such time as we receive updates on the growth of the family). Any additions would be greatfully appreciated.

*We now will list the family descendents of CHRISTIAN HECKENDORN, third son of our pioneer ancestors JACOB and MARY MILLER HECKENDORN.................

II. CHRISTIAN HECKENDORN - family and descendents
b. 4 June 1843 d. 28 August 1922, m. Annie BEARINGER b. 9 September 1848 d. 15 july 1902. One daughter was born to this union. He remarried to Sarah Litchy Bauman 16 october 1910, b. 8 April 1858 d. 4 September 1938.

III. LYDIA HECKENDORN b. 2 May 1869 d. 20 February 1953, m. Wesley SITLER 22 December 1896, b. 20 August 1874 d. 11 March 1954. Children, 6.

IV. SALINA SITLER, b. 6 December 1897 d. 26 January 1921, m. Tilman BAUMAN February 1918.

IV. NORMAN SITLER, b. 1 April 1899, d. 21 November 1900.

IV. IDA SITLER, b. 16 February 1902, d. 24 October 1902.

IV. IRENE SITLER, b. 21 November 1903 m. Alfred C. Martin 25 November 1925, b.4 Auguat 1901, d. 19 April 1965. Children, 6.
V. Lester Martin m. June Witmer 11 June 1949. Children, 3.
VI. Karen Darlene Martin m. Kenneth Musselman 20 July 1969.
VI. Dennis Lester Martin
VI. Quentin Leslie Martin

V. Howard Martin m. Clarene Bechtel 1 April 1967. Children,1.
VI. Darrell Dean Martin

V. Orlan Martin m. Virginia Voelzing 11 October 1952. Children, 1.
VI. Ann Louise Martin

V. Arthur Martin m. Mary Metzer 12 June 1954. Children, 3.
VI. Ronald James Martin
VI. Randy Keith Martin
VI. Jennifer Lynn Martin

V. Floyd Martin m. Doreen Martin 18 July 1958. Children, 3.
VI. Sharon Ann Martin
VI. Susan Jean Martin
VI. Marilyn Jane Martin

V. Gerald Martin m. Margaret Rose Feldpusch 11 Sept. 1965. Children, 2.
VI. Sherri Lynne Martin
VI. Douglas Gerald Martin

IV. ISAIAH SITLER, b. 1 April 1906 m. Katherine GROFF 21 June 1944, b. 22 August 1907. Children, 3.
V. Jean Marie Sitler m. Gerhardt Xabier Niederer 23 Dec. 1961. Children, 2.
VI. Anthony Gerhard Niederer
VI. Christine Niederer

V. Linda Joan Sitler m. Gary Howe 9 Sept. 1968

V. Nancy Ann Sitler m. Bernard Raymond O'Brien 7 June 1969

IV. HANNAH SITLER, b. 30 September 1908 m. Melvin Snyder 26 Jan. 1932, b. 30 Oct. 1905. Children, 2.
V. Stanley Snyder m. Mary Pat Buckle 19 Feb. 1955. Children, 4.
VI. Darlene Frances Snyder
VI. Denise Ann Louise Snyder
VI. Michael Patrick Snyder
VI. Steven John Snyder

V. Paul Snyder m. Marion Jean Moody 8 June 1968.


After Grandfathers marriage to Annie Bearinger, they moved on a farm of 126 acres near Erbsville. It was still mostly forest. He began clearing it and built a frame house (which is still standing - 1971). The barn was built mostly of pine timber. Some of the boards were two and a half feet wide.
In the early years of pioneering Grandmother met a bear on her way to the barn.
We were always glad to see him come in the lane in his doch weiglie driving Dolly, a stocky brown mare with a white face and a few white socks.
Hannah was the youngest grandchild, and remembers how happy she was when she could go with him into the woods to gather bark from different trees, to make medicine. He would boil it down, bottle it and sell it. He had a patent and was known as "The Medicine Man". The medicine was good for Dropsy.
She also remembers how kind and jolly he was as a friend to all and especially the children.

Hannah and Melvin Snyder.

*We will now list what little we have at this time on the fourth son of Jacob and Mary.
II.* JACOB M. HECKENDORN b. 01 March 1839 d. ?, m. Mary SANBURN 07 June 1868, b. 1842 d. ?, d/o William Sanburn & Elizabeth Kuhner. Children, ten.
III. SARAH JANE HECKENDORN b. 17 March 1869 d. 15 April 1910 m. Allen GROFF ? b.? d. ? Children, ?
III. JESSE HECKENDORN b. ? d. ? moved to Michigan requires further searching.
III. EZRA HECKENDORN m. Magdelena MARTIN. Children, ab. ? 4.
IV. ?
IV. ?

III. MAY HECKENDORN known to have lived in Kitchener.
III. DANIEL HECKENDORN moved to Michigan
III. WILLAM H. HECKENDORN b. 22 August 1880 Woolwich Twsp. d. 10 January 1956 @ his home 40 Queen St. Elmira, buried Elmira Cemetery. Married Clara KLINCK. Attended St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Children, two.

III. EDITH HECKENDORN known to lived in St. Jacob's, Ont.(In original HECKENDORN GENEALOGY BOOK 1971, she was last living member of the family @ 84 yr.s of age)

* I had the opportunity to visit Martin's Mennonite Cemetery at the north limits of The City of Waterloo and found about ten (10) grave sites of Heckendorn family members. There are also a couple of sites with names so close in spelling that I'm going to try and check their validity of actually being Heckendorn's. One was a Sarah Jane Hackendorn b. March 17, 1869 d. April 15, 1910, and was the wife to an Allen Groff. This would be daughter of Jacob, 4th son of our original Jacob. The only Groff's that I'm presently aware of being in the family, were in the Susannah Heckendorn/John Brubaker line and weren't dated that far back in years. Must do further searching on this line.
The other headstone was inscribed as "Infant son of John and Maria Hegerdorn, Born and Died March 23, 1874." Once again, I'm mystified as to why this was a misspelling of the name and am certain it is actually the gravesite for Ezra Heckendorn, son of John and Mary Heckendorn, born and died March 23, 1874. The similarity of dates and parents names are too close not to be Ezra's site.
Another gravesite that I wasn't prepared for, nor have any info on at this time, reads "Daniel, son of Jacob and Maria Heckendorn, born 13 December 1847, died 20 September 1867 at the age of 19 years, 9 months and 7 days." Now, son Menno's birth date is listed as 13 January 1847 so this would lead me to believe that one of the birth months of these two is incorrect and that in all probability they were twins. Of course there is a possiblity that the dates are correct, but both being born on the 13th of their noted month is an oddity.
Others located within the Martin's Mennonite Cemetery are; our original pioneer ancestors, Jacob and Mary (Miller) Heckendorn, son Christian and his first wife Anna (Beringer) Heckendorn; Menno (son of John and Mary (Huber Good) Heckendorn) and his first wife Lucy Clemmer, these two headstones are quite eroded.

Jacob and Mary's son Joseph as previously mentioned; his gravesite is located at the Eby Mennonite Cemetery located at the south-east corner of Erb Street and Hallman-Fischer Road in west Waterloo, along with "infant Heckendorn" and "dau.Heckendorn". Also, John and Mary's daughter Veronica's gravesite is located in the Detweiler Mennonite Cemetery in Roseville, Waterloo County; and John along with his wife Mary, my ggrandparents, are resting in the Cressman Mennonite Cemetery at Breslau where their son, Moses, his wife Amanda (Otterbein), my grandparents, along with their daughters Luella,
and Seleda are also resting.
Some photos of various headstones will be included within this family history.
AND NOW..............we follow the family and descendants of MENNO HECKENDORN. Go to favourite links and click on "Heckendorn Family of Canada.....con't. pt. 5"

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