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*OUR FAMILY JOURNEY began with our pioneer ancestor, nineteen year old bachelor, Jacob Heckendorn, who left the severe agricultural depression of Lancaster Co., Pa., twenty-two years after the earliest of the Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite settlers that had endured untold hardships with their transition from living in Pennsylvania, to the wilderness of Waterloo Township, Upper Canada.
I've attempted to cover all the children of Jacob and Mary, his bride from Cumberland Co. Pa. Mary also had travelled the long, hard trail with her family, arriving cir. 1825. They met, married, Jacob purchased a farm and they raised a family. I've been able to gather information on most members of their family, even found some information on family that we had no records of. And now, we will follow the last of the sons, MENNO HECKENDORN.............
*II. MENNO HECKENDORN - family and descendants.
Born 13 January 1847, died 29 June 1921, married Lucy CLEMMER, b. 13 December 1848, d. 12 May 1889.* No children are listed to this union in the original 'Family History' by Vera Hallman Hunsberger but records show that a son ISAAC died June 21, 1888 at the age of 7 months, 9 days old and was buried in the Zion Cemetery in Maryborough Township where they farmed. There is no verification of any other children from this union.
MENNO HECKENDORN remarried, to Elizabeth BERGEY, b. 06 May 1860 Mannheim, Ontario, d. 9 February 1946 Kitchener. Buried East End Mennonite Church, Kitchener. To this union there were born two children, Ella Viola and Clayton.

III. ELLA VIOLA HECKENDORN, b. 8 March 1894, d. 6 January 1930. Married to Cranson Winfred HALLMAN 16 June 1920. They lived on a farm west of New Dundee, Ontario. Cranson was a son of Ephriam S Hallman and Magdalena Sararas. Also, Ephriam's brother George Hallman married Veronica 'Franey' Heckendorn, a cousin to Ella Viola, a daughter of her father's brother John Heckendorn (my ggrandfather).

IV. WARREN EDWARD HALLMAN, b. 1 June 1922, died same day.

IV. MYRLE ELIZABETH HALLMAN, b. 26 April 1923, m. Mervin BECKER 10 April 1943, b. 16 August 1914 d. 21 August 1987.

*Currently living on a R.R. of Ayr, Ontario. she passed word along that her mother's name was incorrect in the "original" 'Heckendorn Family History' book as Ella Mae, when infact it was Ella Viola. Children, 15.

V. Murray Wayne Becker, m. Patricia Dahms, 17 August 1968. Children, 2.
VI. Richard Alan Becker
VI. Debbie Lynn Becker

V. Marlin Grant Becker, 1st. m. Judith Ann Edwards, 17 August 1968. Children, 3.
VI. Marlene Kimberly Becker
VI. Darrell Becker
VI. Dennis Scott Becker
2nd. m. Suzanne Jenny Quade, 1980. Children, 1.
VI. Steven James Becker.

V. Glenn Elverne Becker, b. 22 Feb. 1946, d. 27 July 1951.
V. Garnet Carson Becker, b. 18 Feb. 1947, d. 9 Aug. 1949.

V. Audrey Marie Becker, m. Joseph Detzler 29 Dec. 1968. Children, 2.
VI. Marie Elizabeth Detzler
VI. Jo-Ann Detzler

V. Faye Elizabeth Becker, m. Robert Bast, Burnaby, B.C. Children, 1.
VI. Karen Diane Bast

V. Walter Stewart Becker, m. Celcilia Detzler, 1971. Children, 2.
VI. Bradley Stewart Becker
VI. Jeffrey Michael Becker

V. Lynn Alan Becker, m. Patricia Warnock 1984, Kitchener.

V. Donald Mervin Becker, m. Donna Thompson, 1984, Kitchener. Children, 1.
VI. Alexander Donald Becker

V. Bruce Maynard Becker, m. Sherrie Anderson 1978, Kitchener. Children, 3.
VI. Matthew Bruce Becker
VI. Jeremy Brett Becker
VI. Kristy Lee Ann Becker

V. Ruth Ann Becker

V. Joan Eleanor Becker, m. Brian Tiegs 1978.

V. Cheryl Gloria Becker, m. Ronald Schwartz, Kitchener. Children, 2,
VI. Derek Arnold Wesley Schwartz
VI. David Ronald Cecil Schwartz

V. Kathyrn Diane Becker, m. Rodney Shantz 1988, Roseville.

V. Laurel Christine Becker, m. Kerry Belyea 1986, Cambridge.

IV. GLENN DOUGLAS HALLMAN, chosen partner, Ina. Children, 2.
V. Ross Hallman
V. Ella Mae Hallman

III. *CLAYTON B. HECKENDORN (Rev.) born 2 December 1899 Elmira, Waterloo Co. died 08 September, 1991, Kitchener, Ontario. Married Fern E. Beese 27 August 1930, Tavistock, Ontario, daughter of Willis E. Beese and Barbara Miller; b. December 31, 1904, Morriston, Ontario, died January 24,1996, Kitchener. Both resting in Bridgeport Cemetery.
Clayton was the only minister that the original "Heckendorn Family History" book had record of at the time of it's printing. Clayton was ordained and served long and faithfully with the Evangelical United Brethren churches throughout southwestern Ontario. After being ordained in 1930, he first served at Pelham Centre, near Fonthill, Ontario. In 1934, he took over a charge at Port Elgin and in 1938 moved to Zurich, north of London. Elmira was his next posting in 1947 until moving to Bridgeport in 1954. Chesley was another post in 1957 that he accepted and also became Supervisor of the Hanover Area. From Chesley, off to Rodney in 1962 where he served with immense popularity until 1968 when they moved to Londesborough located between Clinton and Blyth. He retired in 1970 and with his wife moved to Kitchener where they lived in an apartment on Queen St. S.
*I know personally that he was well respected not only as a preacher but as a gentleman. I never had the pleasure of meeting Clayton but I would like to relate a situation that arose, showing the respect people held for this man.
I was in the "Mobile Disc Jockey Music Service" business during the 1980's until my retirement and one afternoon I received a phone call at my office from a Rodney lady, asking if I was related to Rev. Clayton Heckendorn. I confirmed, that distantly, yes I was, but I'd never met him. Thereupon she asked for directions to my home-office as she was in south London and she wanted to book my service for her eldest daughter's wedding. I gave the directions and upon her arrival, I asked, "how did you know of my service, as I had never played the Rodney area before." She replied, that " I saw the name in the Yellow Page phone listings and that's why my inquiry, and any relation to Rev. Clayton Heckendorn, must be an honorable and good person and I'm booking your service based on my feelings." I thanked her for having such high faith in an individual based on another.
We did her daughter's wedding with great success and in a few years, returned to do her youngest daughter's wedding. I like to think that we received that booking based upon our own merits, due to the highly successful results at the first wedding.
But, it certainly shows how respected a man Clayton was to his congregations.
Clayton and Fern Heckendorn had four children.

IV. ELLA RUTH HECKENDORN, born February 25, 1933, believed to be in Pelham Centre, Ontario, died March 26, 1933.

*IV. LOIS FERN HECKENDORN, born in West Flamborough Twp., Wentworth Co., Ontario, married to Robert J. REICHARD, son of Stewart Ion Reichard and Katherine Lloy Hoffer, 5 April 1958, St. Timothy's E.U.B. Church, Kitchener. Lois and Bob were both teachers and now enjoy their retirement life travelling and spending weekends at their cottage on Belwood Lake. Children, 3.

*I first met Lois during the early 1950's at the Elmira Arena while ice skating one evening with a buddie from work. She had been a school mate of my working cohort and he introduced us as "Lois and Howie" no last names. After a turn or two around the ice rink, I inquired what her last name was and when she replied "Heckendorn" I felt like a person on rollerskates for the first time, my legs went rubbery and I could hardly stand up! We would occasionally bump into one another over the next few years at some of the local teenage hangouts but, I eventually lost contact with her until recently when I phoned her brother Paul whose son is named David, about a 'David Heckendorn' listed in the credits for the movie, "Mr. Holland's Opus". this movie starring Richard Dreyfuss, has listed as 'Music Co-ordinator'. David Heckendorn, whom I now know is a Long Island, New York-based high school teacher, supplied arrangements for the Gershwin classics "I Got Rhythm" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me". He also served as technical advisor for Richard Dryfuss's piano playing and conducting.

*V. Bradley James Reichard, b. K-W Hospital, Kitchener, m. Susan Carlisle May 12, 1990, Parkminster United Church, Waterloo, Ontario. They presently live in Waterloo. Children, 2.
VI. Leah Christine Reichard
VI. Alison Sarah Reichard

*V. Bryan Paul Reichard, b. K-W Hospital, Kitchener, chosen spouse Rachel Thibault. They live in Elmira. Children, 2.
VI. Jessica Ann Reichard
VI. Jeremy Robert Reichard

*V. Scott Robert Reichard, b. K-W Hospital, Kitchener, married Ingrid Pancik, August 27, 1988, Parkminster United Church, Waterloo. They are presently living in Waterloo. Children, 2.
VI. Cameron Stewart Reichard
VI. Steven Robert Reichard

*IV. WILLIS PAUL HECKENDORN, born in Zurich, Ontario. Married Carol Sylvia WILTSE August 17, 1963, born in Kitchener. Paul and Carol were married at St. Matthews Luthern Church in Kitchener. Paul is retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Children, 2.
*V. Catherine Ruth Heckendorn, born Toronto, Ontario. Married Ronald Joseph Cavuoto of Rochester, New York July 8, 1995. Ron and Cathy represent the fourth generation of the Wiltse line to be married at St. Matthews Luthern Church in Kitchener. They reside in Rochester, New York.
Children, 1.
VI. Robert "Robbie" Joseph Cavuoto

V. David Paul Heckendorn, born Toronto, Ontario. David presently lives with his parents in Toronto.

IV. MARY ELIZABETH HECKENDORN, Born 19 January 1944 and died the same day.

*That completes the MENNO - ELIZABETH (Bergey) HECKENDORN line...........and the following is a tribute to Menno and Elizabeth.


When I was four years old my father sold the farm near Elmira and moved to a farm near Bridgeport. Because it was in winter we used sleighs to transport our goods. Going in and out of the many pitch holes was great fun for my sister and me.

I don't think my father ever read a book on how to raise children. But he followed the Biblical adage which suggests that when you spare the rod you spoil the child. After a misdemeanour which I cannot remember, he appeared with a stick. I ran away but he did not follow. I came back later and he was still there with the stick.

My parents were tolerant of the beliefs of others. They not only permitted but also encouraged Ella and me to attend the Evangelical Church and Sunday School. The church was not far from our home. We took part in the activities of the church. During two weeks of Evangelistic services my sister one evening said to me "Don't you think you should give your heart to Jesus Christ?" I knew I should and did it that same week.

I do not recall having family worship in our home. But there was a Christian atmosphere. We loved music. We sang and played the phonograph which used cylinder type records. One song I remember was "Whispering Hope."

Father and mother both had a sense of humour. They loved to tell about their relationship with a Roman Catholic family. One incident is of particular interest. One day, after they were having a discussion of religion, the Catholic woman said "of course only Roman Catholics will go to heaven", paused and realizing who she was talking to added "well, I think a few Mennonites will get there too". Pope John HAD NOT YET appeared who said he wanted to open the windows and let in some fresh air. there is a different spirit aboard since then.

I may be speaking for many others when I say that we wait too long and sometimes too late to express our gratitude for what our fathers and mothers have done for us. I appreciate my Mennonite background very much and owe much to it. I wonder what would have happened to me if I had not been nurtured in a Christian home, if we had not moved to Bridgeport, if I had not become part of the Christian Church. I am sure that all these things had something to do with my call to the ministry and answering it. It has been the joy of my life.

Clayton Heckendorn

*II. VERONICA HECKENDORN b. ? d. ?, married Isaac STAUFFER ?, b. ? d. ? Children, 3.
III. Albert Stauffer
III. Mary Ann Stauffer
III. Isabelle Stauffer
*Unfortunately, this limited information is all that known at this time.


Wo sin jetzt die Alte Doddy's
Von der gute Alte Zeit?
Wo sin die gute Alte Mommy's
Die Schoene gute Alte Leit?

M'a Sehnt sie Nimme bei uns do,
Die Schoene gute Alte Leit;
Im Himmel sin sie jetzt so fro,
Un frehen sich im Ewigkeit.
- Ezra E. Eby.
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